Thursday, September 27, 2018

Accord Mediplus Pvt. ltd. owner of the brand “ACCORD HOSPITALS” completes takeover- management and operations of SDH - Sant Dnyaneshwar Hospital

  •       SDH Hospital the biggest tertiary multi-speciality hospital in PCMC will now run under the Brand of “ACCORD HOSPITALS”
  •      The hospital which currently has 150 operational beds will soon be expanded to 300 beds

After take over Accord management has upgraded the clinical infrastructure at ACCORD SDH HOSPITAL by adding latest medical equipment’s and by making improvements in the clinical infrastructure of the Hospital. A team of skilled specialist and super specialist doctors from PUNE and PCMC area are now available for consultation every day at the hospital, ensuring quick and prompt access to medical services 24/7. These changes in the hospital infrastructure and doctor availability will provide great convenience to the residents of PCMC area especially people from Moshi, Bhosari, Nigdi, Chakan etc. The residents of this area will not have to travel to Pune for availing high end tertiary care services which will now be available at their doorsteps. 

A team of 350 medical professionals work round the clock striving hard to deliver world class clinical outcomes. 

The hospital has a tie up with most insurance companies and corporates and a cashless facility is available at the hospital for the convenience of patients. 

The hospital is also in the process of getting itself certified by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH). This will ensure world class clinical protocols for the convenience of patient. 

Accord SDH Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital, offers gynaecology, ophthalmology, oncology, surgery, paediatrics, psychiatry, dermatology, medicine, neurology, chest medicine, ENT, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Dental and orthopaedics services.

After takeover by ACCORD HOSPITALS various modalities like open heart surgery, IVF and Bariatric surgery have been added to the list of services available at the hospital. In the coming month’s addition of 150 beds will see the hospital offering high end cancer care like radio therapy in the premises. 

While addressing media, Dr Deepali Chinchole- Managing Director and IVF specialist at Accord Hospitals said, “Accord SDH Hospital has 20 intensive care beds currently which are always full and we intend to add 20 additional beds by December to cater to the shortage of critical care beds in this region.  NABH accreditation expected shortly will take the quality of our hospital to the next level. It’s our ongoing endeavour to offer highest quality services at affordable rates.”

Mr. Vidyadhar Sarfare chairman Accord Mediplus Pvt ltd., has been active in the IT industry for over 2 decades and has made a foray in the healthcare and healthcare IT verticals in 2013. 

Accord Mediplus is building a chain of 6 state of the art Multispeciality hospitals with 1500 beds across Pune and PCMC area. The takeover of ACCORD SDH HOSPITAL will add the second hospital to the group. Accord hospitals has a 250 bedded hospital under construction in Baner-Pune and is expected to be operational by 2019.

Addressing the media Chairman Mr. Vidyadhar Sarfare said "our vision is to establish PUNE/PCMC into a medical tourism hub similar to the IT hub. This is possible due to the availability of super specialist doctors, skilled nursing staff, excellent climate, international connectivity and affordable infrastructure costs."

Be a provider of high-quality patients focus healthcare that is readily accessible, cost-effective and meets the needs of people we serve."

Media contact: Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd. Dipali Dhamal/Shekhar Wagh 9689966141, 020 24488778

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Institute for Prostate Cancer to organize a free Consultation Camp

 Long lasting Backache???? - get your Prostate checked
Free check up camp from 25th Sep to 10th Oct 2018  

Pune, 21st Sept, 2018:  Prostate cancer is becoming the commonest cancer amongst men.  Statistics say that almost one in six men suffer from Prostate Cancer in their lifetime. When it comes to treating potentially serious conditions, early diagnosis is the key. Generally, the earlier you begin treatment for a condition, greater are your chances for complete recovery.

 Institute for Prostate Cancer (IPC) is organizing a free Consultation camp in Pune from 25th Sep to 10th Oct 2018.
IPC, having the best doctors from across India on their panel, provides the best treatments to cure cancer.

Dr Deshmukh Hrishikesh, Consultant Urologist, says, “Almost 60 % of prostate cancer patients consult a doctor in the advanced stage in contrast to the developed world where 80%-90% patients are diagnosed in the first stage itself.  Unfortunately in India diagnosis of this cancer is usually very late. Prostate cancer is slow and a silent killer. So it is imperative to create an awareness about it and catch it at an early stage where it can be cured from the roots.”

 IPC mainly focuses on these areas since the last 5 years. Trying to create awareness about prostate cancer in the society, it has so far reached up to more than 70000 men.

 Primary Symptoms:
·         Prostate enlarges with age leading to obstruction in urinary passage which results in symptoms like straining to pass urine, frequency, night time awakening for urine, poor flow, sense of incomplete evacuation
·         In the advanced stage cancer presents itself with symptoms of backache, bone pain, loss of appetite, weight loss.

To tackle the increasing rate of patients suffering from prostate cancer, it is advised to do regular screening with DRE and PSA and not to neglect any kind of back pain especially after 50 years of age.

If detected at an early stage, one should undergo a  biopsy. Ideally biopsy should be done by a trained urologist under TRUS(Trans rectal ultrasound) guidance. Minimum 12-14 cores of tissue should be sampled through various areas of prostate in a systematic way.
MRI is used in to target specific areas if required.

IPC has carried out 480 biopsies and more than 40 % are positive.
If diagnosed at early stage Prostate cancer can be completely cured.
One should get screened for prostate cancer at and above 50 years of age.

Approximately 90% of all prostate cancers are detected in the local and regional stages, so the cure rate is very high.
Nearly 100% of men diagnosed and treated at this stage will be disease-free after five years. However, prostate cancer is still a deadly disease.

So, don’t ignore your long lasting backache and get your prostate checked at IPC and continue to live life to the fullest.
 Institute for Prostate Cancer (IPC) is organizing a free Consultation camp in Pune from 25th Sep to 10th Oct 2018.
IPC, having the best doctors from across India on their panel, provides the best treatments to cure cancer.

VENUE: Institute For Prostate Cancer                Ground Floor, Kumar the Orion,
                Opp Don Bosco Youth Center
                Koregaon Park road, Pune-411001
TIME:   By appointment
Contact Number: 020-660307777 / 78 

Monday, September 24, 2018

KrazyBee to put Pune College Students on their Entrepreneurial Journey at Hednxt Startup Fest 2018

HedNxt is India’s first ever student-centric Startup Fest where ideas will be nurtured into successful business plans
20thSeptember 2018, Pune: ‘’KrazyBee” India’s largest micro-lending platform, plans to provide an enabling platform for Pune college going students to embark on their entrepreneurial journey during HedNxtStartup Fest 2018. This is a student-centric start-up fest, where KrazyBee &WPS have joined hands to encourage the entrepreneurial aspirations of college-going students. HedNxt, conceived as India’s first student-centric Startup Fest, is an initiative by KrazyBee, which is India’s leading E-commerce platform and first Online Instalment Store for students. HedNxtis sponsoredby Mi-Incubator and Kingsoft (WPS) which are KrazyBee’s Program and Technology Partners respectively. The official media partner of HedNxt is Welike. HedNxt is a national competition which also covers over 480 colleges in Pune and Mumbai.
KrazyBee has been providing its services for more than1500 colleges in the West India. In Pune and Mumbai, it offers its services to over 480 colleges covering over 3.5 Lakh students. The HedNxt Startup Fest targets Pune as the key student hub.
This competition is open to both college-level students as well as entrepreneurs who have justbegun their entrepreneurial journey. KrazyBee aims to bring all aspiring entrepreneurs to come under one umbrella and showcase their ideas which have the potential to create a change for a better tomorrow. It will also provide a special platform for college students to showcase their entrepreneurial ideas, and the best idea even stands a chance of getting funding.
Announcing the HedNxt fest, Mr. Madhusudan E., Founder & CEO of KrazyBee said “At HedNxt 2018, participating college students will get a chance to interact directly with, and pitch their business idea to mentors and VCs and even raise funds for their respective start-ups. The student start-up ecosystem in India currently lacks structured business planning abilities. There is a need to arm these ideas with proper project management & pitch capabilities for the purpose of properly presenting their business idea for funding. We have tied-up with WPS (Office) to provide these students with various learning tools including Business Project Planning Templates so that they can pitch their ideas successfully. We plan to leverage our partnership with Startup India for the HedNxt Start-up Fest 2018 to offer these students a platform to get their pitch right.”
Addressing at the occasion, Mr. Billy Cheng, VP of WPS Global Business said “As one of the leading office application providers in the world, WPS is dedicated to offering easy-to-use products and services to its users around the world. It is inspiring to know that WPS has more than 15 million monthly active users in India, which strongly encourages us to bring more cutting-edge innovation to our audience here, particularly to the young generation. Additionally, WPS believes that entrepreneurship is the key to the future of technology, and we are confident to contribute to the success of the Startup Fest through the platform of HedNxt. “
Adding to that, Manav Jain, Director, Marketing & BD from Welike said, “Welike is honored to be a part of HedNxt, through which we try and enable young startups to fulfill their dreams. On our part, Welike is giving 3 cash rewards of Rs. 1 Lakh each to the three teams who will use and showcase their Social Media Skills in building a follower base and getting the maximum number of votes for themselves. It is a wonderful opportunity for youngsters to turn their dreams into reality, and we at Welike would like to help each and every participant at HedNxt to grow and achieve success. If the teams need any help from us to grow their Social Media presence, they can get directly in touch with us. We will be more than delighted to guide and help them.”
For details on how one can participate in the Social Media Impact Awards being presented by Welike, download the app and follow @KrazyBee as well as the hashtags #Social Media Awards and #HedNxt to stay updated on all the developments. Happy winning,& keep Weliking!
The Hednxt has a three-layered approach:
  1. NexTalk: It is a communication and collaboration platform where upcoming entrepreneurs at the college level get to interact with successful startup founders and learn from their journey.
  2. Startup Hunt: The students then get a chance to present their startup idea to an eminent panel of successful founders, mentors, and angel investors.
  3. Recognition: The ideas with the maximum potential get awarded for their efforts across various categories.
The registration for college students is open until 30thSeptember 2018. The first list of selected startups will be released on 5thOctober 2018, post which the selecting committee will meet these startup owners in their respective cities. On 20thOctober, the final list of the top 30 startups will be released. The Finale is scheduled to take place inBangalore from 26th – 27thOctober. Interested students can follow KrazyBee’s Facebook page for updates.
The top 3 startups will be rewarded with prize money of Rs. 3 Lakh each from WPSand 10 startups handpicked by Xiaomi will be incubated by Mi-Incubator for 16 weeks. The three best startups under the ‘Social Impact’ category will get prize money Rs. 1 Lakh each from Welike as well.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Doctors at Jupiter Hospital Perform Complex Open heart surgery on 10days old infant

A rare open heart surgery was performed on 10 days old baby boy with the aid of donation from Mukul Madhav Foundation, and Jupiter Foundation.

The surgery was performed by Dr. Abhijeet Naik, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Rahul Saraf Paediatric Cardiologist, and managed in a dedicated paediatric ICU under the  guidance of Dr. Shrinivas Tambe, Consultant Neonatalogist and Paediatric Intensivist.   

Doctors at Jupiter Hospital performed an open heart surgery on a 10 days old blue baby weighing 2.1kg from Solapur, who was suffering from ‘pulmonary atresia’ with an intact ventricular septum, offering him a new lease of life. The infant was admitted to the hospital as an emergency case and surgery was performed on 1st August under “Hruday Sparsh”, an initiative by Jupiter Hospital.

Doctors had huge challenges at every step, as the child had no blood supply to the lungs and had to be kept alive by starting a prostaglandin infusion, and needed the surgery to open a blood supply to the lungs for survival. The kid underwent an open surgery where the block in the pathway of the right ventricle was removed and a transannular patch was placed to maintain the forward flow of the blood to the lungs.

“This condition of pulmonary atresia with an intact ventricular septum is seen less than 1% of all congenital heart diseases and its incidence 4.1 per 100,000 live births. This is a disease with varied presentation and management,” said Dr Abhijeet Naik, Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Jupiter Hospital.

The child was born in Solapur; at the time of birth his colour was blue and had difficulty while breathing hence was referred to one of the tertiary care NICU in the government set up in Pune. The child was then transferred to Jupiter Hospital from this NICU as Jupiter has a specialised paediatric cardiac surgical unit with a dedicated team of doctors. The paediatric cardiologist from Jupiter Hospital, Dr Rahul Saraf examined the child and performed an echocardiography to make a diagnosis for this child.

The surgery was performed by Dr Abhijeet Naik and his team including Dr Rahul Saraf Paediatric Cardiologist, and managed in a dedicated paediatric ICU under the guidance of Dr. Shrinivas Tambe.

The parents of the child are from Solapur and his father works as a welder. They are from a very poor socio-economic background so the surgery was performed under ‘Hruday Sparsh’, an initiative by Jupiter Hospital to spread awareness and providing medical and surgical treatment to the patient in the lower socio-economic background, so they can lead a healthy and happy life.

Media Contact- Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt Ltd., Top PR Agency in Pune, Shekhar Wagh, 9967348414, 020 24488778

Monday, September 3, 2018

Enjoy the Heathy Tit-Bits at Upsouth

Feast on an appetizing array of nutritious dishes
Pune, September 2, 2018: Worried about weight issues during Monsoons? Relax! Upsouth has got the ultimate menu for you this month with its delicious range of nutritious dishes to choose from. Just walk into any Upsouth outlet and ask the staff at the counter for the Healthy options available on the menu! And guess what they are pocket-friendly too.
One can try the South Indan Burger “Uthly” a unique combination of Uthappam and Idly or the Super Grain Paratha, made with the goodness of Ragi, Whole Wheat, Chana Dal, Flax Seeds and Oats.
People looking for a Masaledaar twist can opt for Podi Idli most famously known as Mini Idlis cooked in Ghee and Gunpowder Masala. Spicy as it is, the dish is prepared in proportionate quantity of Ghee to ensure the Health factor.
Mango Lovers, worry not! The season might be over, but mangoes aren’t. Try the recently launched healthy Dessert cum Drink “Mango Moksha”, a thick mango delight filled with tulsi seeds. On Cheat Days, top it up with rich vanilla icecream and tutyfruityfor a sinful delight.
Where: At all Upsouth outlets
When: All Day Every Day
What: Healthy Tit-Bits at Upsouth

Use Your Network to Market your Business: Aishwarya Waghmare

deAsra Foundation on Friday organised ‘Start and Grow Your Fashion Business’ workshop at Veer Sawarkar Hall, Garware College, Pune for those who are planning to start their fashion business. The workshop included various sectors related to fashion industry. E.g. accessories, clothing, jewelry etc.

“Running a small fashion business is a 24*7 commitment requiring militant self-discipline and use your network of contacts to market your business,” said Ms. Aishwarya Waghmare, A fashion entrepreneur and mentor at the workshop. The aim of this workshop was to guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in fashion sector, who want to start, manage, and grow their businesses.

The workshop touched upon the points like design and development, production, supply chain, marketing, sales, distribution and customer service for fashion business especially in clothing. Fund management, expansion of the business are the important factors while running a business as funds are required to run day to day activities, buying raw material etc. 

The workshop was a combination of presentation and “Question and Answer” Session between deAsra mentors and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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