Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Beards through Ages!

Authored by : Shreeya Vinay, Beauty and Lifestyle Editor at Fabogo
It’s November and all your social media is now swarming with pictures of men showing off their glorious manes. This is in compliance with No-Shave November that witnesses men all over the world growing their facial hair and give up shaving for a month to raise awareness about men’s health issues.
The rules to be a part of movement
are simple. Begin with a clean shaven face on November 1 and let your facial hair bloom. No shaving, only grooming.

With countless number of beard styles, we’ve gathered some that have stood the tests of time and have been blessed by the beard gods themselves.
The Stubborn Stubble
For bros that can’t grow long, beautiful manes, the stubble is their best friend. Stubbles are easy to maintain and have a rugged charm to them. Whether it’s David Beckham or Chris Hemsworth, they’ve all been spotted sporting a stubble.
You have a number of options to choose from: traditional stubble, well groomed, faint stubble or a full scruff.
Going Back to the Classics
Goatees, Sideburns/Mutton chops, Van Dyke, Soul Patches have been around for centuries and yet continue to be the go-to beard styles. Christian Bale’s iconic Van Dyke or Hugh Jackman’s friendly mutton chops- have been envied and admired by people of all ages.
Goatees and variations of goatees can be spotted even today when you step of the house, as they never seem to go out of trend.
The Bandholz
For those who don’t want to stop at a month, the Bandholz is the perfect beard style. Part with your grooming tools and let your facial hair grow out until you’re satisfied with the length and the volume. The Bandholz beard trend was made famous by Eric Bandholz, the owner of Beardbrand. Paired best with a manbun or an undercut, the Bandholz has become a favourite of many stars.
The Balbo
Robert Downey Jr.’s legendary balbo became the most loved beard style and continues to be the go-to style for men of all ages even today. The beard style requires a face full of hair and a supply of good razors for shaping and grooming. Best suited with a narrow chin, the balbo accentuates your jawline and makes your face look more chiselled.
The Circle Beard
This classic beard style is perfect for the working class men. This look can be achieved by growing out your moustache and goatee, and regular grooming. The style is sleek and attractive.
Now that you have some of the best beard trends, get growing and don’t forget to clean and groom your beards regularly!

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